DFL 2017 @ The Everest Sky Pitch

We are pleased to announce the DFL 2017, a 7-a-side Football Festival to be held on February 4 & 5, 2017 at the Everest Sky Pitch along Sta. Rosa–Tagaytay Road (near NUVALI).


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Tournament Details

  1. General Guidelines
    1. The DFL 2017 Football Festival will be played in accordance with the applicable rules of the PFF, AFC and FIFA.
  2. Venue and Time of Registration
    1. Games will be played at EVEREST SKY PITCH
    2. Registration is 1 hour before the scheduled game given.
    3. Coaches’ Briefing 30 minutes before the first scheduled games.
    4. Schedule of games to be announced during the LIVE DRAW before the tournament.
    5. Start of the Tournament 8AM.
  3. Age Groups & Fees
    1. Registration: Php3500 per team

      Note: To accommodate additional slots, we have:

      Merged: Mixed Born 2008 with 2007
      Cancelled: Girls Born 2004 & 2002

    • Boys & Girls Born 2010 and LATER *Day 1*
    • Boys & Girls Born 2007 and LATER *Day 1*
    • Boys Born 2004 and LATER *Day 1*
    • Boys Born 2002 and LATER *Day 1*
    • Boys Born 2000 and LATER *Day 2*
    • Girls Born 2000 and LATER *Day 2*
    • Men’s Open *Day 2*
    • Women’s Open *Day 2*
  4. Eligibility of Players/Team Line-Up
    1. Each team can register a maximum of 10 to 14 players (Team can add 2 additional players to their lineup but only 10-12 players based on the maximum number of registrants as indicated on item 3, will be given a medal if the team wins).
    2. Each team must register its players at the start of the tournament; all teams are required to submit their line-up with the corresponding birth dates of each player.
  5. Tournament Format
    1. Single round robin with the top 2 teams competing for finals
  6. Match Regulations
    1. Five (5) players to start and five (5) players to finish a 7 a side game
    2.  Open substitution with the referee’s permission
    3. Off-side rule is waived
    4. Play back or Pass back to the goalkeeper is NOT allowed
    5. Goal Keeping six (6) second rules will be applied
    6. Playing time: Two 10-minutes halves
    7. Goal kick not allowed to score, at least there is a second touch
    8. Coaches briefing before the start of the tournament for rules clarification
    9. Three minutes default rule will be applied to all teams
    10. Kick off direct to the goal is not allowed, at least there is a second touch
    11. Yellow card is not accumulated
    12. Two yellow cards in the same match at denying an obvious goals scoring opportunity = 1 GAME SUSPENSION
    13. Spitting an opponent, insulting, using abusive language or gesture = 2 GAMES SUSPENSION
    14. Direct red card for violent conduct; serious foul play=out of the tournament
  7. Points Distribution
    1. Win=3 points / Draw=1 point / Loss=0 point
      In case of ties after the round, they shall be broken as follows:

      1. Goal Difference
      2. More number of goals for
      3.  Less number of goals against
      4. Winner over the other
      5. Sudden death penalty
    2. In cases of ties in the Semi–finals, and Finals, extra time of 5 minutes will be played. If extra time results in a tie, a shoot–out will be observed, three (3) penalties, then sudden death. Only active players can participate in the shoot-out.
  8. Awards
    1. Trophies will be awarded to winning teams and individual medals for MVP, Best Defender and Best Goalkeeper.
    2. Individual Awards per Age Category
      1. MVP
      2. Best Defender
      3. Best Goal Keeper
  9. Important Reminders
    1. A group of Medics will be available for First Aid.
    2. Ambulance is also available for those in need of Emergency Care.
    3. The organizers request teams to bring Sports Tape if it is used for Shin Guard placement.
    4. The tournament director reserves the right to amend any rule, schedule, format, accommodate time constraints, weather situations, etc.
    5. All participants are competing at their own risk and by participating agree to hold University Football League, all tournament officials, all facilities and support staff harmless from any liability resulting from participating in the tournament.
    6. Tournament will be cancelled during a Signal #2 typhoon. Cancelled games prior to tournament date will be rescheduled provided that a date is available on the same venue. Read our Rainout Policy.
    7. Strictly no refund, no exchange. Please read our No-Refund No-Exchange Policy.

Submit your filled out Registration Forms along with your deposit slip here. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Deadline is on January 8, 2016.

Tournament Venue:

logo-everest-sky-pitchEVEREST SKY PITCH
Sta.Rosa –Tagaytay Road
*Just a few hundred meters from NUVALI

Non-Tournament Related Notes:

  • Common tent area will be set up in the venue. Teams can also bring their tents and chairs for convenience.
  • Everyone is advised to pick up and throw their garbage properly.
  • Security personnel are positioned in the fields, parking lot and the clubhouse but please take care of your belongings.
  • Parking area is located near the entrance and can accommodate 200 vehicles.
  • Standby paramedics and ambulance will be stationed.